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Smiling Young Adoptive Father




Become a foster or

adoptive parent today.

You must live in the NWT to foster or adopt a child from the NWT. 

Foster Caregiver

Some of our children need a temporary place to stay while a reunification plan is put in place. We need more foster homes with caring and loving adults to keep our children safe and support their development. 

Adoptive Parent

When reunification is not a possibility, children in the NWT need a permanent home with consistent care from adults who will be a part of their lives forever. 

There are amazing children in the NWT whose circumstances have left them searching for a new home. 

With additional foster and adoptive parents in the NWT, our children have the chance to find a perfect placement when they need one. 

Comunity, culture, and language ar very important for children

Children need to stay connected to community, culture, and language. 

We need caregivers in every community in the NWT

Did you know that foster parents are needed in every community in the Northwest Territories?

We need you, foster and adoptive parents




Are you unsure if you are eligible to be a foster or adoptive parent?

Or do you want to know more about the application process? 

Click below for more information. 

Have a few questions? Head to our 'Common Questions' page, where your questions may be answered. 

Click below for more information. 

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