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Meet The Team


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Tammy Roberts - 
Executive Director

Tammy has been a committed professional parent since 1991 providing emergency and long term care to approximately 250 NWT foster children and youth with mild to extreme learning and behavioural disabilities. She continues to provide long-term care to individuals that have been prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol as a foster and adoptive parent.


For many years Tammy served as the Yellowknife Foster Family Association  President, and cultivated her parenting skills through training, which has enabled her to deliver FASD workshops locally, territorially and nationally. Tammy has been a support to many children and parents across the north, and because of this was recognized with the Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for her contribution to the community and was a finalist of the Lynn Factor Stand Up For Kids Award in 2019.


Tammy has been the Executive Director of the Foster Family Coalition of the Northwest Territories since 2009 and in this position facilitates PRIDE Training and provides support to foster and adoptive parents and child protection workers across the territory. She also is the secretary of the Canadian Foster Family Association, participates on the National Executive Director’s Working Group and is the Co-chair of the CanFASD Research Network Family Advisory Committee. 

Northern Lights
_________ - 
Executive Assistant

Coordinators and Program Directors

Kehaya Febril - Therapeutic Group Home/ Volunteer Mentorship Program Coordinator

Kehaya joined the Foster Family Coalition in September 2020 and has taken the role of Program Coordinator for both our Therapeutic Group Home and Volunteer Mentorship programs. 


Since moving to Yellowknife in 2008, Kehaya has found the same love she had with the mountains back home in the Northern lights here. Kehaya is a young Indigenous woman who is driven by a passion to offer at-risk youth a safe space. Growing up with her mother working at a youth centre in Terrace B.C, she was able to see firsthand how supportive relationships can be built. Having a mentor of her own after moving to the N.T., she also gained the understanding of how the mentor/mentee relationship can continue on into adulthood, becoming excellent support and friendship. She believes strongly in all youth having the right to have all possible supports available. Kehaya has been involved within the community as a volunteer for the past three years and is always willing to offer community support! 


Kehaya looks forward to the supportive relationships she will help build, and being a part of the growth within the FFCNWT team. 

Leesa Myers - GLOW/4Y Program Coordinator

Leesa joined the Foster Family Coalition as a part time 4Y Navigator in April 2020 before coming onboard full time as the GLOW/4Y Coordinator in May 2021. 

Leesa moved to Yellowknife from Melbourne, Australia in December 2019 in search of adventure and a change of scenery. Leesa quickly decided she had made the right choice and made Yellowknife her home. 


Leesa began volunteering at the Speak English Cafe program through the Literacy council however once the pandemic arrived the weekly meetings moved on-line and Leesa found she had additional free time. In search of further volunteer opportunities Leesa came across the FFCNWT. It was during her experience with the 4Y program that Leesa felt she could offer more to the organisation in a full time capacity.


Leesa is a strong advocate for inclusion and policy change. Leesa believes in Lifelong Learning for herself, and her team. She aims to implement FASD best practice within all of the youth programs offered and continually aims to support staff in furthering their knowledge and development. Leesa is passionate about youth supporting vulnerable youth, meeting youth where they are at, increasing education outcomes, creating community partnerships, and reducing recidivism with justice involved youth.


Leesa is a member of the National Youth Justice Network, works closely with CANFASD, provides FASD informed training to community partners including RCMP and presented at the 2023 CANFASD Conference in Saskatoon.

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