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Private Support and Discussion Groups

The FFCNWT has a private Facebook community. Because we must be cautious about confidentiality, the groups are CLOSED to the public. Our groups are monitored by experienced staff from our office who will be able to assist you. The only way you can access the groups is if you send a request by email to our office. We will then give you the rules and guidelines that we have for the groups and once you accept them, we will add you to the group. The next time you log on to Facebook, anything that is posted in the group will be added to your newsfeed. It's that simple!!

Head to the contact page to send us a message with your interest in joining the closed Facebook groups. Or read below for a specific group you may want to join. 

Child's poster, happy family an important words like Love Caring

Fostering Facebook Group

This group is a safe place for people to talk about their experiences as a foster parent and discuss their views and opinions on foster care.  It can also be a place to share any valuable information you may have about parenting in general or to ask any questions that you might have.  We all know how hard it is for foster parents to get out of the house and this is an excellent way to find support at your fingertips!

Post-Adoption Facebook Group

There is so much excitement when having a child enter the family... sometimes it can be overwhelming! This group is for people that have already adopted.  Maybe there are things that you might need support with like, information on attachment or how to talk to my child about adoption.  This group will be a valuable resource to  any adoptive family!

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