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5052 community mural

Through a collaboration between five local artists and nine youth, the 5052 Community Mural Project involves the creation and display of a Northern-inspired mural, which is installed on the corner of 50th Street and 52nd Avenue (hence the name 5052), contributing to a more welcoming and culturally-relevant space.

The beautification of this downtown location with the addition of this community-led mural is important in improving the livelihood of the downtown core of our city. In addition, the process itself was very important; the artists and youth developed a mentor/mentee relationship over the span of the project, which was valuable for all involved.

The goals of the project included:

1) providing opportunity for youth to develop relationships with mentors, to develop new skills, to have an outlet for creativity, and to develop a new sense of purpose

2) creating a mural that will be visible in the downtown area of Yellowknife for many years. Murals can provide social, economic, and cultural benefits, and also promote positive mental health

3) promoting community engagement and collaboration between various groups of people.

All youth and artists were paid for their time and contribution to this project. 

This project is funded by RBC Future Launch, through the Yellowknife Community Foundation, and was completed in partnership with Makerspace YK and the Tree of Peace.

5125 50th Street.jpg
The location where the mural was installed in September 2020 - what it looked like pre-installation. It is located on the corner of 50th Street and 52nd Avenue in Yellowknife, NT
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