about us

The Foster Family Coalition of the Northwest Territories is an organization that exists to address and meet the needs of foster and adoptive families across the NWT.

We exist to strengthen communities so that kids can be safe, loved, and heard. 


On 12/12/19, foster caregivers from throughout Yellowknife came together to discuss the current barriers and problems they see in the child protection system. A 27 page document was created from the conversations heard during this meeting. It must be noted that this document only takes into consideration the voices of foster caregivers in Yellowknife. To fully understand the state of the child protection system in the territory, foster caregivers from every community must be given the opportunity to voice their concerns and experiences, in additional to current and former children in care, biological families of children in care, current and former front line child protection workers, and all other stakeholders in the child protection system in the Northwest Territories.


We publish bi-weekly email newsletters, with news and information about what's going on in the NWT and throughout Canada in the realm of foster care and adoption. To read our old newletters, click below. 

We have a wide variety of services that include:

  • toll-free support line

  • bi-weekly newsletters

  • online private support and discussion groups

  • one-on-one support

  • resource library

  • summer camp opportunity for children and youth involved with the foster care system

  • foster parent training

  • respite and child care services

  • outreach to foster parents


Camp Connections 2020

 Camp Connections 2020 has been slightly altered to account for the safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to this summer and having fun with so many amazing kids!




5125 50th St, Yellowknife, NT