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Foster parent recruitment and retention continues to be a challenge in some NWT communities. It is essential that foster children be provided the services they require while continuing to recognize the importance of family, community, and culture in their lives. A major way to ensure continued support is to provide a foster care rate system that recognizes regional ‘cost of living’ differentials across the NWT, and allows for equitable compensation.

Per Diem Rates

for Foster Caregivers and Subsidized Adoptions


Foster Families are provided a daily basic maintenance rate to ensure all foster children are comfortable and safe in their temporary home.


If you are part of a subsidized adoption, the basic maintenance rate is 90% of the basic maintenance rate for foster caregivers. This rate varies by region, due to the varying living cost across the territory.


Click here to look at the Per Diem Rates Form.

Foster Care Allowances


These are the allowances for each child who is in foster care, that can be provided on top of the per diem rate. 

- Foster caregivers will now be provided with funding for a child or youth's birthday, as well as funds to get birthday presents for friends' parties.

- Foster caregivers will also receive funding for social and recreational activities such as bikes, lock, helmet, skateboard, etc. 

- Children and youth (12-18) in permanent care will also be provided with a cell phone and basic monthly data plan.

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