Mentorship Program

The FFCNWT runs a volunteer mentorship program, where volunteers are connected with a child or a youth between the ages of 5 to 29, and meet with them weekly. Through this program, volunteers are able to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with children and youth. The positive impact that a volunteer mentor can create in the life of a child or youth is very big!

What to expect if you are a volunteer mentor?

As a volunteer mentor, you will be connected with a child or youth in a age range that you are comfortable working with, and who has similar interests as you. You will receive some initial training, as well as some information about the child or youth who you will be connected with. Depending on your interests and those of the child or youth, you can do various things together, including:


-volunteering at the SPCA

-going for a walk

-playing a sport

-helping with homework

-talking over a coffee or tea

-going for dinner at a local restaurant

-going to a community event together

Know a kid who wants to sign up as a mentee?

Reach out to the FFC at if you have a child or youth who you know who is interested in this program, or who you believe would benefit from this program. Mentorship capacity depends on how many volunteers are available, so we will get back to you about available opportunities!