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Foster Family Appreciation Week

The Canadian Foster Family Association created this short video in recognition of Foster Family Appreciation Week! 

National Foster Family Appreciation week is the 3rd week in October. This is one week out of the year where foster families across the country are recognized for their ongoing commitment to the some of the most amazing children in our communities, our foster children.

Each year, events take place all across the country in recognition of foster families. Contact the FFCNWT office or your regional health authority if you would like to know what’s happening in your community.


Foster Parent

These kids have difficult lives, and if I can do something to make their road a little smoother, that’s a great joy.

Foster Parent

If I can do it, you can do it. People think that you have to be this almighty person, but you don’t, anyone can be a foster parent.

Foster Parent

Don’t be afraid to foster, but also learn what your limitations are, and don’t be afraid to say what your needs are.

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