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Child Care

The Foster Family Coalition of the NWT (FFCNWT) is offering a Afterschool Program service to all kids in care of ages 12 and under.

The FFCNWT will now be coordinating the following service for foster caregivers:

Northern Stars Program (Afterschool Program): in which the caregivers need childcare after school hours.

If you are a foster caregiver in need of child care in the NWT, reach out to:

Kehaya Febril

Northern Stars Program Coordinator

Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

When setting up child care, the FFCNWT is following all guidelines provided by NWT’s Chief Public Health Officer to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the NWT. Workers be required to go over the safety procedures outlined below, and families will be asked to confirm similar measures.

- I will not come into work if I or anyone in my household is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or if anyone in my household is in self-isolation and has been interacting with me. If I live with someone who has an immunocompromised system, or if I have an immunocompromised system, I will not be doing this work right now. I will provide as advanced notice as possible to the FFCNWT if I am feeling sick and cannot work. I will complete this self-assessment tool every morning before working:


- I will ensure to take extra measures outside of when I am working to stay away from people, other than those in my immediate household. If I have to go shopping, I must put effort in to avoid touching things with my hands and then touching my face, and stay at least 2 metres away from other people. I will wash my hands and change clothing upon returning home from shopping to reduce the chance of being infected by the virus. I will practice ‘social distancing’ every day.


- I must wash my hands regularly at work as well as at home, and continue to remind the kids to do so too when working with them.


- I will regularly monitor the kids I am caring for for signs of sickness during the day care / respite care. If I notice any of the kids in camp have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, I will contact their caregiver(s) right away. I have the right to keep myself safe and ask to cancel the camp going forward if the kids are sick.

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